A Practical Guide to Using Customer Cost and Lifetime Value Metrics

Modern B2B marketers have learned to coexist with chaos. They watch hot new tactics come and go constantly, each promising in its turn to fix something the others can’t. They’re inundated with marketing metrics that offer countless ways to dissect their campaigns. They can’t turn around without another upstart technology vendor joining the hundreds that compete for their attention.

The challenge is that many of the new ideas in this mix have value; some are genuine game-changers. Very few of them, however, help marketers to rise above the chaos and get a sense of their big-picture performance. In fact, some of the most talked-about B2B marketing concepts, such as inbound and demand generation, exacerbate the problem: They dominate the conversation so much that marketers tend to overestimate their benefits and overlook their limitations.

Even the sharpest marketers can lose their way in a landscape where change is a constant and tunnel vision is an ever-present risk. There’s immense value in having a proven, reliable way to regain your bearings and know where you really stand.