Our Guide to Engagement Segmentation for Improved Deliverability

Get Your Emails in Front of the Right Audience.

Segmenting your data is always important because it allows you to target the right people. But segmenting based on engagement is even more important for maintaining a good sender reputation. 

Although many guides recommend a 90- or 180-day engagement segmentation rule, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the sender’s cadence, these recommendations could be far too long or far too short.

This ebook is a part of Act-on's Deliverablility 101 series. This ebook will guide you through developing an engagement segmentation strategy that works for you, Discover: 

  • How to segment on engagement in Act-on.
  • How to re-engage with your customers. 
  • Sunsetting emails. 

Download this ebook and start to establish your segmentation strategy.