How Bynder Helps the RHS Manage 200,000 Digital Assets

500,000 members, a new brand system, and a vision to inspire everyone to grow – the Royal Horticultural Society isn’t your average charity. Digital assets play a key role in the RHS’s community marketing efforts, according to Kristina Huddart, Head of Digital Asset Management. 

“We rely heavily on our beautiful visuals to market our brand. We want everyone in the marketing team and other outward communicating teams, as well as our pool of photographers and agencies, to have quick and easy access to the right content and of course, the right version.”

Join Kees Henniphof, VP of Demand Generation at Bynder, for this on-demand webinar and hear Kristina explain why the RHS trust the Bynder platform to stay on top of 200,000 digital assets across photography, video and other marketing files – all easily searchable via metadata and faceted search.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How the RHS transformed its digital asset organisation and production by adopting the latest tech 
  • How to effectively manage your digital assets and make sure your content is available at the right time and platform 
  • How to use the latest collaboration tools to create great content and speed up content production processes