Striking a Balance Between Creativity and Control

Creativity is often thought to be some mysteriously unique, unpredictable, and out-of-the-box way of thinking that is hard to control, and even harder to measure. But it doesn’t need to be. 

This webinar will show you how, with the right tools, any marketer can deliver creative campaigns that are measurable, on-brand, and driven directly by the latest consumer insights.

Join us as we team up with Mark Walker, Marketing Director at Attest to prove that producing creative brand content can be done by anyone with the right blend of consumer intelligence and tech know-how.

Along with Bynder's Georgi Mirazchiev, attendees will discover the right mix of data, branding and creativity needed to help you produce winning brand campaigns in 2019.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to ensure consumer intelligence is at the heart of your campaigns—from testing and measuring, to optimizing
  • How to create and publish on-brand campaign content faster than ever (without needing pro design skills)
  • Best practices for tracking the ROI of your brand assets and recognizing when to make changes based on consumer insights